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Let’s Grow Leaders  5 Ways to Stop Excuses and Inspire Results  “Sell the bananas off the truck” is the big takeaway.  It’s hard…its VERY hard.  Stop the excuses, identify the opportunities, and make the changes to meet those opportunities.

Instant MBA When Giving Feedback, Give Criticism Between Two Positives  I’ve been hearing and practicing this for years.  Providing the positive to let the hearer know it’s not all bad is definitely valuable advice.  The problem comes from the supervisors I’ve witnessed (both as the receiver and as an observer) where the positive provided is less than sincere or completely irrelevant.  (You messed up the XYZ account but you have a clean desk.)  You have to know your people before you can practice this technique well.

Ignited Leadership Start Small “A journey of a thousand steps starts with the first.”, “How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time.”  They all say the same thing: Start. Now.  Don’t let perfect get in the way of practical.  Take the first step.  The second is easier than the first.  The third is even easier, and so on…  The same point was made today at Three Star Leadership in A little progress each day




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