The Daily Read

Seth Godin Canaries and Coal Mines  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been required to treat the symptom while ignoring the cause.  Aspirin for a broken leg helps the pain but still leaves the broken leg.  His short take on this deserves a full citation to ponder how we can help everyone on the team to see the full picture.

Years ago, I went on a grueling trip, four cities in four days doing speaking gigs. That meant I was in a lot of airports. At every airport bookstore, there wasn’t a single copy of any of my books, including one that had recently came out.
I whined to the team at my book publisher. What sort of distribution was this?
Someone wrote back, “Seth, if you tell us which airports you’ll be visiting, our salesforce says they will do their best to have your book in a place you can see it.”
My own little Potemkin Village. I’m afraid he didn’t really get the point I was after.
Don’t save the canary. Fix the coal mine.

Let’s Grow Leaders 3 Lessons of the Expectant Leader I fall into this sometimes, where my expectations of the team (and even my family) fall short.  I feel like I’ve given them all they need to slide into home safely ahead of the throw but when the dust clears, the catcher is grinning and holding the ball while my team is sprawled on the base path ten feet short of the plate.  Dave Bratcher’s advice is similar to Colin Powell’s  but it’s also essential:  Expect the best; communicate now, frequently, and clearly; inspect and stay involved.

Linked 2 Leadership 4 Ways Leaders Build Camaraderie The one sure way it doesn’t happen is managing from your desk and through email.  Get up and get out and interact with your team.  The nine encounters with your team where all is normal makes the tenth one with a crisis to manage less stressful for everyone and more trusting all around.  


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