“I am never afraid of what I know.” Anna Sewell

Back in the day, the only way to get from there to here was with a map. It was printed on paper, folded in a neat rectangle that eventually turned into a mess in the glove compartment.  Now of course, the paper map has been replaced by GPS, but the action is the same.  It’s holding your hand as you travel to the unknown.  Your progress is tentative.

Your job doesn’t have to be like that.  Make sure your people know their jobs and how to do them.  As the manager, it’s your job to give them as many opportunities to be successful as possible.  It’s up to the team members to latch onto that training, gain the confidence they need, and then shine on their own merits.  Their success is personally gratifying to them, but it’s also your success and your team’s success.

And make sure you train a successor too!  Managers of successful teams tend to move up the ladder pretty quickly.


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