“Kneeling over a trickling mountain stream and pumping every ounce of water you use though a filter can really change your perception of turning on a faucet.”  Eric Voorhis

Once the extraordinary becomes commonplace, it’s hard to remember all the work that went into it to make it commonplace.  That’s the job of a manager–to make the extraordinary into commonplace.  

That doesn’t happen without the team effort to put it all into place.  There’s a lot of moving parts and unintended consequences to account for, but the outcome is well worth it.  Imagine standing at the old film camera processing kiosk in 1993 and telling someone dropping off their film for processing that 20 years from now, your cell phone would provide instant photos.  Instant disbelief would be the response of most.  It’s good to remember all the work that went into where you are now.

Acknowledging that you stand on the shoulders of those who went before you  goes hand in hand with how you lead your team today.  Do you share the disbelief of most, or do you have the vision that will move everyone forward?  And do you have the right stuff that will allow you to be the shoulders to stand on for the next generation of leaders?


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