The Daily Read

Let’s Grow Leaders Christmas In July This is also my wife’s birthday and Christmas in July is a recurrent theme here at home.  Bringing the same lesson to the workplace is much less common.  Leadership magic, just like family magic, leads to memorable and teachable moments that last a professional lifetime.

Great Leadership Silly Putty Leadership  Do you know how to Bounce, Stretch and Transform?  Go ahead…buy an eggfull of Sully Putty for the first time in years.  Play with it and let it remind you of those three characteristics.  And then keep the egg in a place where it can remind you daily to embrace those characteristics in your professional life.

Seth Godin Your Permanent Record Do you remember those chilling words from your school days?  In the NSA/Facebook era, everything we do is recorded and on your permanent record.  None of us is perfect.  So how do you get over that error you made or someone else made?  With another triplet of leadership: be generous, know what’s important and be human.


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