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Seth Godin Gardens, Not Buildings We have all had the project from hell where we can’t wait until it’s over or we’re reassigned.  Clients, sponsors, and other team members feel the same way too.  It’s a bad bad situation when everyone on the team wants to be anywhere else but here.  So be a *steward* not a manager.  The best projects I’ve worked on included personal phone calls outside of the regular teleconferences, transparent behavior, and accountability.  

Let’s Grow Leaders Real Leadership: Defining Your Personal Leadership Paradigm Dovetailing nicely with Seth Godin is Karin Hurt.  “Dickering over competency models?  Now I’m pragmatic. ”  Just like those dates in your teen years where you tried to figure out who you were and who you’re looking for, your adult leadership style needs that good and bad experience to find the real you.  Where are you in that journey?

Leadership Freak How to Walk a Crooked Line to Success One of my favorite quotes is Lyndon Johnson’s take on geometry: “The shortest distance between two points is a tunnel”.  In politics this is usually the case, and in management, it’s a certainty.  It’s how you walk that crooked line that defines success.  Dan Rockwell shows that while it does feel like a bit of a failure strategy celebrating weakness and confusion, it can be managed to everyone’s benefit.


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