The Daily Read

Leading Blog Henry Ford on Leadership  I did not know that today’s Ford Motor Co was Henry Ford’s THIRD car company.  He learned a lot by trial and error and has a lot to say about teamwork, personal responsibility and failure.  I think the one quote that stuck with me the most was “Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice.”  Keep on keeping on.  

Harvard Business Review What Job Candidates Really Want: Meaningful Work Wow.  This one really hit home.  How many cubicle dwellers are sitting there living Thoreau’s life of quiet desperation while searching for that nugget of purpose?  I know I’m one of them.  I could never fully identify which desk was his, but all of a sudden one day, Dilbert moved into my office.  The individual purpose that created high flying and high performing people (and a high flying company) was replaced by mind numbing repetition.  Which segues into…

Leadership Freak Looking Down on Young Leaders “The hope for dying organizations isn’t found in old leaders who don’t have the guts to say they created the problem.”  If you’re a young leader just starting out, this is great advice on how to work your way up to the big table for power lunch.  It’s also great advice for the people at the big table to create more space for the next generation.  “Not all elders are dead and not all youth are the solution.”


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