The Daily Read

Seth Godin Stoogecraft I can think of other non-workplace applications for this but Seth Godin Sums this up in one sentence.  “Stoogecraft is what happens when people or organizations in power do what feels right in the short run without thinking at all about the alternatives or the implications”

The Blog of Tim Ferriss Why (and How) Creative People Need to Say “No” I know that I struggle with time management sometimes.  That “5-minute” job turns into 1 2 hour marathon that eats away at the rest of my day.  It was fun but was it productive?  No is not always rude and a quiet but firm no could save your day.

Terry Starbucker 10 Immutable Lars of Leadership  Here’s one that’s printworthy.  Make sure you have a copy on your desk so that the next time you’re facing an issue, you can easily stop, look, and think.  Make sure to get the PDF.


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