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Bulletin 9 9 Types of Bosses I have worked for all of these bosses and I’ve have unfortunately been more than one of them too.  Each of the *bad* bosses have qualities we each need to keep in our arsenal.  Wouldn’t you like the Thinker’s plan to bring out at the moment of crisis?  Or micromanage the underperformer who needs that intense burst of supervision for a while to come into their own?  Do you recognize your own description and how your actions impact on your team?

Terry Starbucker 6 Keys to Game-Changing There’s no reason to wait until attempting a Titanic-style turnaround before using these six keys.  They will very possibly keep the iceberg out of your way. 5 Reasons Top Talent Leaves I’ve worked alongside a lot of people who left for one or more of these reasons.  One great friend of mine always tells me that people don’t leave jobs—they leave their bosses, the number one listed reason.  I found that the number two reason, Lack of Empowerment, is most times even more critical.  The typical cube farm grows a lot of mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed crap) and a quick walk through your office lunch area helps you to see the disillusioned and surrendered workers.  Do you want an even better gauge?  Watch the parking lot near quitting time and see how quickly everyone wants to leave.


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