The Daily Read

Leadership Freak Failure of the Pudding Palace Do you have focus and clear goals?  Do you have advisors who are willing to give you the hard and tough news you might not be willing to hear?  Can you deal with passion dispassionately?  Dan Rockwell has a story for you.

Harvard Business Review Three Differences Between Managers and Leaders When you look in the mirror, do you see the Pointy Haired Boss?  Here’s three quick ways to check on your performance.

Great Leadership The Best Collection of Advice for New Leaders The August Leadership Carnival is advice to the newbie leader.  Do you remember that first time when you sat in the “big chair” and felt like you were a fraud for being there?  My first piece of advice is to get out of that big chair and be where your team is.  I was never more connected with my team than when I worked in the same cube farm with them, side by side, sharing the day.  Keep the office for the meetings–work with your people.

BONUS READ:  When you’re writing the requirement specifications, and there’s a choice between hard coded fixed values, or configurable user-entered values, there’s a tradeoff in complexity and training that needs to be evaluated.  But please keep in mind how the end user is going to be utilizing your product.  When party guests can hijack your high tech toilet and there’s nothing you can do about it, I guarantee that’s a low moment in product satisfaction.



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