The Daily Read

Let’s Grow Leaders How to Become a More Energetic Leader It is so true…the excitement level for the team is set by the boss.  When the leader is engaged, curious, and excited, so are the people around them.  Good leaders can make even routine and drudge work bearable and can make the exciting  work even more exciting.  

Thought Leaders Great Teams Refuse to Bounce Back Huh?  Isn’t that the goal of overcoming adversity? To get back in the game?  Sean Glaze suggests not bouncing back but bouncing *beyond* and improving in your response to adversity.

Driving Results Through Culture Lousy Bosses are Lousy Role Models But they are great examples of what not to do when you’re the leader.  They can make your daily work day into a sniper-filled minefield or a live fire battle zone and can even cause you to have long term doubts in your own abilities.  I had lunch this week with a smart and talented woman who was micromanaged into a corner by an insecure and smothering helicopter boss when all she needed was the chance to be mentored and grow.  When your employees remember you, will it be as a good example to emulate or a bad example to avoid?



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