The Daily Read

Leadership Freak How to Fulfill Leadership’s First Responsibility Dan Rockwell nails it again: “Fear hopes monsters go away. Courage grabs them by the throat.”  Don’t pretend.  Deal with it.

Great Leadership Leading for Others I have never understood why some leaders want a Mini Me to stand next to them, a clone in name and function.  Promoting duplicates only duplicates my strengths and my flaws.  The way I look at it, I’m already here, and I don’t need a Mini Me.  I need a Complete You to be the best you you can be.  

Seth Godin Choosing to be Formidable Skill plus care equals passion, excitement, and progress.  But we’re taught to be compliant: Mind your manners, Eat your vegetables, The decision has already been made.  Well behaved women (and men!) rarely make history and leaders don’t always follow the rules.  They certainly don’t follow the crowd.

BONUS:  The 7 Project Manager Personalities There’s a great infographic to save to keep you mindful of which of your traits are running your projects and how your team sees you.


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