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Seth Godin Magic + Generosity = Brand Crush By the time the project lifecycle is completed and the product is delivered, it’s always a moment of relief to know you finished.  Are you crossing the finish line in a moment of triumph, or straggling over, just ahead of your own fatigue?  There’s projects that just have incredible ease or ridiculous obstacles.  No matter.  Here’s the big question: Were you able to deliver some magic to the client?  That little something more than they expected, didn’t know that they needed, and are desperately grateful for?  That magic and that generosity spells the difference between being loved and being tolerated.  Your company and/or your product might be the brand…but YOU are also your own brand.  What you deliver today builds your tomorrow.

Careerealism 3 Must Dos When you Don’t Get the Job The wind is in your hair, you’re running effortlessly, you gracefully leap and the brass ring is mere millimeters from your fingers.  You *feel* the cool metal.  But then you’ve missed it, and the rest is that Wile E. Coyote plunge down the canyon with that quizzical “but…but…I HAD IT!” look on your face as you continue falling.  Jenny Yerrick Martin reminds us to be gracious, be helpful, and keep the door open and that just might help to save you to fight yet another day.

Ramblings From a Glass Half Full Leadership Confidential: The Dark and Messy Side of Being More Human This could have been me.  I tire of unproductive and rambling meetings very quickly.  I’m even OK with the post-live auto-da-fé as long as preventable errors are identified and acted upon, rather than the typical building a bonfire on the conference table for roasting the perceived culprits.  But the reality is that I’m human and so are you.  The first time my boss told me that we’re all human, we all make mistakes and have bad days, so let’s learn and move on, I celebrated for two reasons.  Smart people can and do make mistakes.  He recognized I was human and gave me a reassurance he still trusted me.  More importantly, he told me that day that HE was human too, and that momentary transparency from my boss translated into long-term trust for my boss.  




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