The Daily Read

Seth Godin  Your First Mistake This is short and sweet and something to be remembered each day.  “Your first mistake might be assuming that people are rational.  Your second mistake could be assuming that people are eager for change.  And the marketer’s third mistake is assuming that once someone knows things the way you know them, they will choose what you chose.”

Harvard Business Review Preventing Rejection at Work We all get frozen out at work one time or another.  We had a bad idea or something blew up.  We need to temporarily take a low profile approach but we know we’re getting back into the game soon.  Maybe you have some people at work that just don’t seem to fit.  It it them or is it the atmosphere at work?   “…we all thrive on being connected to others. Don’t let your office become a place where people feel threatened by rejection.”

Life Optimizer How to Succeed in Life by Learning from Others Every parent and every boss knows better.  We’ve been there.  We’ve made the mistakes and already paid the price.  We want to make sure you don’t have to repeat our missteps because we know the awful truth that you’re going to make so many mistakes that are completely your own.  Why bother repeating the completely avoidable?


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