The Daily Read

Great Leadership Inconsistent Bossing: A Surefire Way to Disengage When you’re the boss, you sometimes forget how you do set the mood of the office.  Sometimes it’s by your presence (are people jumpy when you come by or are they happy to see you?) or even by your lack of presence (I can get some work done/goof off/catch up).  Authentic and sincere leadership is the goal…so that your occasional bad day is always balanced with the understanding that we all have bad days, and that you’re a great boss.

Let’s Grow Leaders August Festival: Energy and Engagement As my wife is fond of saying “Are you a fountain or a drain?”  As the leader, you control how you behave and how your team responds.  There’s a lot of individual gold in this collection.

Seth Godin Will I See You Tomorrow This is so important to your business today and tomorrow…Ownership of the service you provide, responsibility for how the team or product functions not just for today but tomorrow too.  You wouldn’t do business with someone who won’t be there for you.  Do you make it safe for people to do business with you?


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