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Leadership Now Collaboration is the Key to Providing Consistent Brand Value On that first day of meeting, you’re the contractor there to service the business needs of the client.  It’s a dance where you both feel each other out, but always, that client is in the dominant position in the hierarchy of power.  But one day, it shifts, and it’s less of a power relationship and more of a collaboration.  When that sweet day comes, your partnership will work so much more effectively.  The biggest tip provides is to expect–and invite–conflict.  Managing conflict effectively is a big key in business relationships.  Avoiding conflict only kicks the can down the road.

Great Leadership 15 Timeless Work Habits for Career Success These rules have served me well and are a gigantic asset for any team member to bring to the table. “Be on Time.  Network ALL the time.  Have a can-do Positive attitude.”   Be sure to check out the comments too.  The fifteen rules are being amended by the readers.  My first contribution is “Smile while you talk on the phone.”  Yes, you CAN hear a smile over the phone and I know how ancient that sounds.  Today, *phone* means so many more audio options.  Use them all!  Second is “Take the time to do it right.”  If you don’t believe you have the time to do it now, why do you think you have the time to do it again, later?

Thought Leaders How you Can Avoid a Communications Breakdown My personal communications breakdown favorite is Reverend Jim’s driver’s exam from Taxi.  It’s great to keep in mind that if you’re not speaking the same language and are not working off the same page (or substitute a trite metaphor of your own choosing) that no good can come from the endeavor, be it a project, a marriage, or lunch conversation.  Know yourself first.  Then know your audience.  Then you have to keep everyone together–you will thank yourself over and over again.  It’s hard work sometimes but well worth it.


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