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Let’s Grow Leaders The Dumpster Effect Timing and setting are powerful things to remember when planning.  The thank you lunch in the middle of despair and chaos shows so much more than the annual (yawn) recognition lunch (yawn) for the same old pre-identified (yawn) people on the inside track.  Where, when, and how do you give thanks and recognition?

Thought Leaders How to Keep Your Life in Balance There’s a lot of talk about the constantly shifting line in the battle of work-life balance.  In most cases, this can be tolerated and balanced, but like the boiling frog, when do you realize that too much is too much?  Start setting the limits and remember that you do have a family.

Dream Manifesto Choosing Your Self Image When you climb into bed, just before falling asleep, that’s probably the closest we all get to that metaphorical naked stage where all the externalities are stripped away and it’s just you.  What’s the self image you bring to the table?  Is that steel below the mask that would allow you to face anything, or is it sand that would collapse under the slightest pressure?


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    Thanks so much for including my post.

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