The Daily Read

“I Have a Dream” plus 50.  So much completed.  So much more left to do.

Marc and Angel Hack Life 6 Powerful Truths to Start Telling Yourself This is one of those posts that you need to read, digest, and then re-read a few days later.  Do NOT rush through this one if you’re serious about being the best you you can be.  The biggest takeaway for me was  “My weirdness is one of my greatest strengths.”  That’s because you are the only you.

Seth Godin If You Don’t Start You Can’t Fail Another goodie from Seth that deserves a full posting.  It echoes Wayne Gretsky’s “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”   

“It sounds ridiculous when you say it that way. But of course, it is ridiculous. It’s (quite possibly) the reason you’re stalling. On the other hand, there’s no doubt that, “If you don’t start, you will fail.” Not starting and failing lead to precisely the same outcome, with different names.”

Three Star Leadership An Elevator Speech for Bosses The three rules Wally Bock mentions are great and I use them all the time.  The only other one I add is on keeping a good flow of communication: “Don’t surprise me.  I will not surprise you.”


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