The Daily Read

Seth Godin Making Costumes The word “costume” usually evokes thoughts of witches and goblins trick or treating on 31 Oct.  The deeper meaning is as plain as the S on Superman’s chest.  When you see that S, you know what you’re going to get.  Your packaging, your website, yes, even your desk and workspace—that’s your costume.  What’s the image you project?  What’s the delivery on the promise?

Leading Blog 7 Metaphors for Leadership Transformation Where else could *fire* and *snowball* exist together?  Only in leadership.  There’s seven indispensable characteristics to keep in mind each time you settle into the big chair and lead your team. 

Thought Leaders What to do When the Goal Seems too Far Away In Star Trek Voyager, the crew of the Voyager suddenly finds themselves 75,000 light years away from home.  Very few leaders get to actually manage a timeline of this length and complexity even thought it may seem like it to you and your team.  How do you move yourself and your team toward that first step and sustain all the steps to come?  Kelly Gregorio has some good lessons and techniques to use.




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