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Leadership Freak When Candor Means They’re a Jerk I highly value recognizing reality and openly confronting it.  While others ignore the elephant in the room, I like to introduce him around.  However, candor is a tricky minefield.  One person’s reality is another’s brutality.  Dan Rockwell has some great tips on how to think about your candor and how it’s delivered.  

Marc and Angel Hack Life 5 Things You Should Know About Letting Go Here’s another balancing act for the day.  The past made you and is what you bring into the future, but how much of it do you pack into your daily luggage?  What would your daily journey be like if you repacked to reflect not the old you from back in the day but the new and present you, who is developing into the future and even better you?  

Thought Leaders 3 Keys to Inspiring Action One of the greatest challenges is to balance decision evaluation with decision making.  No one wants to make a decision without enough information but no one wants to wait forever for analysis paralysis to pass.  Learning the second key, evaluate the cost of waiting, was a turning point for me.  Give yourself a set period of time to gather all the info you need.  When that time period expires, it’s time for a decision based on what you know now.


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