The Daily Read

Seth Godin Scuff-Proof Shoes It’s all about ongoing and consistent authentic action.  The more authentic you are, the more bullet resistant you become. “When we know and understand you and your brand, warts and all, it’s really unlikely that a new scuff is going to change our opinion of who you are and what you do.”

Management Excellence Effective Leaders Earn Their Stripes Every Day Another consistent authentic leadership trait is walking the walk every day.  Everyone stumbles, but if you take the time and walk the walk every day, is your stumble just that or another example of being unable to rise to the occasion.  

World Leaders Conference 5 Things Strong Leaders Do Leaders have a lot to do but the biggest one is being part of the team while leading the team.  Points one and two go hand in hand and are many times the hardest lessons to practice.  Strong leaders look for other strong leaders –AND– recognize and value competing opinions.


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