The Daily Read

Inc. Magazine 7 Things Respected People Do If we could all do these seven simple and authentic things, the workplace would be so much more productive and less stressful.  I’m not 100% all the time, but I try so hard to be all of these all the time.  Under promise and over deliver, be comfortable in your own skin, be inclusive…all seven are time-tested and effective approaches. (Tip of the hat to THK for sharing this!)

Seth Godin The Red Lantern This is another Seth Godin That is quick to read and long to ponder.  The Red Lantern is given to the LAST place finisher at the Iditarod.  Have you ever been at the race where long after the first place finishers have passed, the last place finishers are still struggling?  You applaud them as they go by in support because they may be in last place, but still a finisher!  Every workplace has a first place star performer.  The reality of the bell curve demands they also have at least one red lantern performer.  Your RL is an asset to the team because they are on your team, but what are you doing to mentor and develop them?

Thought Leaders 7 Tips for Creating Leadership Sustainability Another seven tip story this morning, this one focuses on the thing we don’t want to do…follow up on the feedback from our own annual review.  Yes, we leaders need work too.  Anyone who has watched (and criticized) any US President knows we know how to do the job better than the actual job holder.  The uncomfortable question you need to confront comes when you are asked – How long have you known you should improve these behaviors? Some use *decades* as the answer.  Dig out last year’s review to peruse after you finish reading.  Today’s bonus word to add to your power vocabulary is: meliorate


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