The Daily Read

Seth Godin The closer you get to the front, the more power you have over the brand Long after the Berlin Airlift was completed, the pilots were remembered for more than the heroic effort to resupply a trapped city.  They were remembered for the chocolate that was dropped to the children of Berlin from the people of America.  Then there’s those smart phone selfies posted by the fast food workers doing God knows what to their product.  Both leave lasting impressions that are hard to turn around.  So how do you control your project or business right there at the end, where the proverbial rubber meets the road?  Most choose the route of complete and rigid control, but Seth suggests hiring the right people to do the job with that all critical human touch.

Bernard Marr Stop! Don’t Use These Words Like, I seriously had to re-read this to see how many of these phrases I use.  I honestly didn’t expect to see so many, you know?  I mean, really!  And before you know it, those popular phrases work their way into your daily speech.  Not everyone has the same trigger words.  For me, it’s Buzzword Bingo.  The more jargon you speak at me without demonstrating you understand it, the less I listen.  LaQuinta advertising offers “synergistic integration” to “think outside the box”.  Mission accomplished–I remember the ad.  Did you follow that up with the slides showing your plan?  What are your trigger words?


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