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Harvard Business Review Nice or Tough: Which Approach Engages Employees Most? A friend of mine is fond of reminding me that people don’t leave jobs.  They leave bosses.  I can’t argue with this as a general guiding principle.  When I think back over the bosses I’ve had, the ones who made the workplace enjoyable and challenged me are the ones I remember as the good examples.  Should you be tough or nice?  This article lays out the case that your answer to that question should be *Yes*.

Herding Cats A Critical Concept in All Discussions of Project Process Improvement Living in a cube farm sometimes removes you from the perspective of the corner office.  You do the work as assigned and move on.  But the view of what *Done!* looks like to you and your various layers of upper supervision are different.  That difference is cost.

Lead Change Group How Important is Employee Satisfaction? Everyone wants to be working at a happy workplace with a successful career trajectory. We all know that the employee has all the responsibility to make this happen, right?  Negative employees make a negative workplace, so cheer up, buddy.  Well, hold on there, because the management also has a key role in making a *good* workplace and just like everything else, its a team effort.  Motivated bosses make motivated employees–and vice versa.  With that successful partnership, it’s time for the next step–making the *good* into *great*.


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