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Tonight I’m gonna take that ride. Across the river to the Jersey side. Take my baby to the carnival. And I’ll take her on all the rides
‘Cause down the shore everything’s all right

Please keep the people of Seaside Park and Seaside Heights in your thoughts and prayers.Image



Seth Godin Edgecraft Instead of Brainstorming So when you brainstorm, you get to go as far as you can.  “No idea is off limits” you’re admonished.  “Interstellar aliens fix the problem” you wish you could say out loud.  Think again…while Mr Scott is not beaming anyone down, going to the edge might just fix a lot more than the problem you’ve already defined.  Are small incremental changes what you need or is that giant leap across the chasm just the prescription?  

Seth Godin Your Alphabet Seth part 2 today challenges us to reinvent with what we already have before we start seeking to accumulate more.  Have you already utilized everything you have to maximum?  Most times, I find that the untapped potential is not utilized until there’s a panic situation.  Imagine combine reorganizing your alphabet and taking it to the edge…

Leadership Freak My Favorite Mistake When I started my new job, my new boss counseled me day after day to be very mindful of the hardest part of my training–UNlearning what I already knew.  We all know she was right.  Learning didn’t stop the day they handed you your diploma, and those who recognize that are the ones who perform best.  Asking questions doesn’t make you a lesser person.  It gives you the ammunition to do your job better.


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