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Great Leadership The Virtues of New Perspectives Have you ever driven home using a slightly different route and all of a sudden notice something you had never seen before?  Have you ever been frustrated by something, only to put it to the side and then magically have the solution spontaneously occur to you?  Have you ever wished that the shower had waterproof pencils and paper to record all your inspirations?  Beth Armknecht Miller has some real time suggestions to refocus your perspectives.  My big takeway was to refocus and look for the new opportunities that were right in front of you all the time.

Leadership Freak How to Become a Leader Before You Are One Leadership opportunities are available in many places, and the leaders of the future, not even knowing they are leaders, tend to gravitate toward those opportunities.  Dan Rockwell suggests volunteerism as a place to start.  Volunteering at the local church or organization lets you practice your skills and also gives you a great level of satisfaction to see your contributions come to life right in front of you.



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