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Leadership Now The Perils of Perfection I have very high expectations but expect even more of myself.  That leads to some very big disappointments with my own performance and the performance of others.  There’s a lot of good advice here on workplace anger, bitterness, control, and power.  I’ve always sought reasonable and sustainable as the best place to be and this line stuck out: “Any powerful person is better off targeting really sustainable excellent performance.”

Seth Godin Oh, That’s Just a Hack Someone Put Together… I once worked at a place that embraced the hacked work around.  It made for some very inspired solutions, sometimes for true one off items, and sometimes for long term issues.  Encouraging that individual creativity pays off for the entire team.

Harvard Business review Good Leaders Build Trust This is critical.  All leaders lose the trust of their team at one time or another.  Is it a momentary difference in opinion that is bridged by the earned trust of the past and the continuing trust of the future, or is it an ongoing and erosive loss of trust that damages relationships permanently?  Just as important is the trustworthiness of the team members too.  Can the boss trust them?  Can the team members trust each other?  Without the mutual trust and respect, work suffers.



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